BODY PSYCHOTHERAPY WITH COUPLES: USING THE SEVEN DEVELOPMENTAL STAGES MODEL OF BODYNAMIC ANALYSIS by Anne Isaacs, LCSW, and Joel Isaacs, Ph.D. Recently one of us was asked to participate in a panel on body psychotherapy with couples that was focused around a hypothetical vignette. We would like to use this vignette and our response to […]

Join us for a lively and informative evening with Anne Isaacs, LCSW and Joel Isaacs, Ph.D., who will be talking about how understanding the psychological functions of muscles makes verbal psychotherapy more efficient and effective. As opposed to traumatic experiences, which are imprinted primarily in the autonomic nervous system, the Bodynamic model describes how all […]

by Betsy Zmuda-Swanson I’m a longtime psychotherapist, MSW by training. I fell in love with the excitement of personal change just after college in myself and in others. It’s nearly indescribable to explain what stirred in me. It was this incredibly delicious sparking of life. I was connected. Distance and differences faded. Those strong experiences ignited […]

Anne and Joel recently conducted a webinar with the USABP on March 24th. To listen to the full audio recording and view the slideshow please click on the following link: USABP – Healing Developmental Disruptions: Using the body to focus verbal therapy

by Joel Isaacs, PhD Have you ever had the experience that certain asanas never seem to get easier, or that certain muscles don’t seem to respond the way most of your others do? Have you wondered why? Many years ago when I first discovered yoga I began to work with my hamstrings, which were very […]

Recently Jonathan Zerbin conducted an interview with Erik Jarlnaes one of the original founders of the Bodynamic System in Los Angeles. Joel Isaacs co-founder of Bodynamic Institute USA joined in to contribute as well.  

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