Mind Body Resourcing, is the personal website for former Bodynamic trainers Anne & Joel Isaacs who have been teaching Bodynamics exclusively in North America for the last couple of decades.

The Bodynamic – Somatic Psychotherapy and Analysis System – is a pioneering method of somatic developmental psychology and psychotherapy that integrates current research in the psychomotor development of children, cognitive and depth psychotherapy, brain research, and special emphasis on the quality of contact and on healthy relationship.

Bodynamics is about helping restore dignity in order to be in mutual connection with full authenticity. It’s about establishing healthy mutual connection with another and most importantly with the self.

What makes Bodynamics unique in our approach is our use of the latest research in neurodevelopmental phases and attachment to address disruptions in healthy connection. Using this advanced knowledge we can precisely meet people where they need it the most, helping restore a person to their full potential for deep fully embodied meaningful contact with themselves, others and the world.

edward-tronick“I believe that most schools of psychology and therapy have failed to understand fundamental ways humans use to make meaning about themselves in the world. Marcher, Fich, and their Bodynamic colleagues make a stunning step forward in overcoming this error by providing a fundamental developmental framework that helps us to understand the pathways humans move through and how to work effectively with our patients, young and old.”

Edward Tronick, PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of Massachusetts; chief faculty, Infant-Parent Mental Health Post-Graduate Certificate Program, University of Massachusetts; and director, Child Development Unit, Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School

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